How To Build A Fabulous Messenger Bot That Makes It Easier Than Ever For Your Audience To Connect With You

Hey boss babe! I’m Ali! I’m about to show you how you can use my proven process for building messenger bots using my Boss Babe Bots process. Get ready to create epic conversational marketing that converts customers into paying clients!

But first, why do you need a messenger bot?

  • People think messaging is the second best way to talk to a business
  • 2 billion people exchange messages with businesses over Facebook every month
  • There are currently 6 million advertisers vs. 300,000 messenger bots, that's a lot less competition

After making over 200 custom messenger bots for clients, I realized I created a system. See….the thing is, I love to work smart not hard. And we aren’t talking about cookie cutter bots that look all boring. We are talking beautifully branded bots that give your audience an experience. It’s time to ditch the “bro energy” way of marketing and create sexy af  communication platforms. 

Encompasses all the magic of your business in an interactive menu that looks so boujie...

Uses the messenger bot functions to create a personal touch amping up your credibility like whoa.

Is dynamic & interactive so your people can navigate content effortlessly versus endless scrolling.

My fave part, it's easy to set up! Using my system, you could have your bot up & running in just a few hours.

Build a list of subscribers you can reach out to but with way more functions than email or text messages. Plus, messenger have open rates of 70-80%.

Go live on Facebook? Send messages to your fans when they comment on your live. Great for building your list & sending your lead magnets or offers.

Put your funnels into your bot using the sequence feature (hello drip content) using my system that makes it feel extra personal.

Connect your Facebook ads, website, your Facebook groups and more to share your fab content and keep your audience engaged.

Introducing The

Section #1: Welcome & Introduction

In these modules, we’ll cover the MMFB (magic messenger bot) formula and the strategy behind creating a boss babe bot. The trainings in this section set the tone for section #2. Most courses only show you how to use the functions of the bot, but here you’re getting an entire system for your business and then we’ll cover how to use it. 

Section #2: Your Bot Content Map

Remember that fab system I mentioned earlier? I made it so easy to implement this in your bot. I call it the Content Map and we’ll take the juiciest bits of your biz and organize them into flows. Using this process makes it so much easier to create menus, re-purpose your content for broadcasts (messages to your subscribers) and growth tools (ways to get the people into the bot). You’ll save hours…let’s be honest…weeks because I make this process so seamless. This is my signature system that no one else uses because I created it. 

Section #3: Bot Overview & Tour

This is where we’ll cover how to use your bot. At this point your biz lives inside your bot, it looks fancy, it’s interactive and has the most fab elements to make your audience feel like they interacting with the very best you have to offer. Now we’ll cover the basic elements like how to send broadcasts, get your people into your bot with my fave strategies, create drip content and all the elements of automation. 

Section #4: Advanced Strategies

Here we will cover how to import you funnels into your bot, integrate your email system, pro tips for engagement and my fave tutorials like how to train your audience to use your bot! We’ll cover what some of the gurus are doing (like Marie Forleo & Ingrid Arna) and how to tap into your creative genius when creating the “extras” in your bot like interactive quizzes, giveaways and more! 

Community & Support

You’ll get access to the Boss Babe Bots community! We’ll chat about all things bots both in the modules on the site and in the private Facebook group where you get direct access to me to ask questions, free live & recorded trainings and more! 

What The Boss Babes Are Saying...

When you are done with the Boss Babe Bots course you’ll have a messenger bot that has everything you need and more to wow your audience and a system to create engaging conversations that leave them wanting more. You ready to implement the Boss Babe Bots system? Get immediate access to the course when you sign up below. 

**Launching September 1st!**