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This course was inspired by the students of the Magic Customer Attraction Course for LuLaRoe consultants. While the course shows you how to use Facebook Ads to get in front of your audience and Messenger Bots to create a VIP experience and get more sales, I had lots of questions on WHO specifically to target.

The videos modules in the course are replays from a live free training we did in my free course group which you can join HERE. Once in a while I do free training to help consultants with their marketing, tools and strategies to grow your LuLaRoe business. This training is absolutely free!

Module #1: Your Customer Journey
Learn how to market to your future shoppers and what it takes to convert them from customer to buyer.

Module #2: Your Unique Selling Points
We take time to map out your unique selling points to determine what niche markets will resonate with you.

Module #3: Niche Marketing
We take the unique selling points from Module #2 and turn them into niche markets on Facebook.

Module #4: The #1 Tool To Get Attention
Using video builds your like, know and trust factor quickly. We talk about why you should use video and how to attract your future shoppers attention.

Module #5: Facebook Ads & Chat Bots
In this Module, we talk about why Facebook Ads and Chat Bots are essential components of your marketing strategy.

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