Fashion Bot

LuLaRoe Bot Packages

An Epic LuLaRoe & Messenger Bot Collaboration!

What's Included:

Ali Gardner

👑Messenger Bot Queen

Ali has been working with LuLaRoe Consultants for over three years so she has an intimate knowledge of what consultants need in their Facebook & Messenger Marketing. She’s a single mom to 8 year old Olivia and has two kitties Pearl and Penelope. Ali was recently rated top 1% in her field building unique and innovative messenger bots. 


Whitney Bun

👑LuLaRoe Fashion Queen

Whitney has been a LuLaRoe retailer for 2.5 years, so she has been through many ups and downs in this business. She has 5 young children and hopes to adopt more through fostering! She has leveraged the power of bots to grow her LuLaRoe business. 

Fashion Bot: 

LuLaRoe Branded Menu

Your shoppers can easily swipe from side to side to make selections all inside messenger

74+ Fashion Videos

Your shoppers will fall in love with LuLaRoe watching 70+ Fashion & How To Style videos

Easy To Customize

Dynamic flows are easy to update if you need to change your info as your business grows

How It Works:

This template is designed to create the ultimate buying experience for your current and new shoppers while inviting them to discover the magic of LuLaRoe.

When your shoppers go to message your business page they will see a dynamic menu that walks them through how to shop with you, showcases all the LuLaRoe styles with over 70 videos included and they can sign up for other services such as personal styling and register to shop.  

Now Your Shoppers Can:

  • Watch FAB videos about how to style their favorite pieces
  • Easily make returns and view your return policy 
  • Sign up and fill out your customer registration form
  • Easily join your group to shop with the click of a button
  • Showcase your products with image cards and pricing
  • Manage their notifications based on their shopping preferences

Send Mass Messages

Send messages to your audience when they comment on your Facebook post or live video (example: send a message to everyone who comments "newbie" for $5 off their first purchase and a link to your customer registration form"

Send Updates Via Messenger

Send messages to your subscribers anytime you go live, post new inventory, information about new style releases or events and more! Can also include images and videos for extra pizazz!

Customize The Shopper's Experience

Easily get subscribers when they click a link that sends them info on how to sign up for personal styling, ambassador perks, and other special services that are unique to your LuLaRoe business.

Style Profile Bot:

👗 LuLaRoe Branded Interactive Quiz

👗 Capture Your Shoppers Fave Styles

👗 LuLaRoe Branded Videos

👗 Integrates with Google Sheets

👗 Huge Potential for Clienteling 

👗 Save Fave Prints, Body Type & More

👗 Customize Shoppers Experience

Bonus Fashion Quiz:

  • Use as a freebie in a Facebook Ad
  • Ask shoppers to take the quiz to get bot subscribers easily
  • Comes with two versions! The second version has share cards to have your bot subscribers invite their friends to take the quiz (hello more bot subscribers!)
  • Easily add to your messenger bot with one click
  • Works with a free Manychat account

Ultimate Bundle

Purchase Everything & Save $200 When You Get This Bundle!
*Requires PRO Manychat Account & Facebook Business Page
$ 549
  • Style Profile Bot
  • Fashion Bot
  • Style Personality Quiz
  • Manychat Course
  • Autosave All Customers' Info Into Google Sheets
  • Zapier Tutorial For Google Sheets
  • Bonus Facebook Ad Tutorial For New Group Joins

Fashion Bot & Manychat Course

Budget friendly if you are just starting out! *Requires Facebook Business Page
$ 349
  • LuLaRoe Branded Menu
  • 70+ Fashion Videos
  • Manychat Course
  • Easy To Customize
  • One Click To Install
  • Bonus: Fashion Personality Quiz!!

LuLaRoe Style Profile Bot

Great if you already have a bot! *Must have a pro Manychat Account *Requires Facebook Business Page
$ 349
  • Style Profile Bot
  • Save Customers' Style Preferences
  • Target Customers Based On Their Style Prefernces
  • Endless Opportunities To Upsell
  • Autosave All Customers Info Into Google Sheets
  • Zapier Tutorial For Google Sheets
  • Bonus: Fashion Personality Quiz!!