Color Street Facebook Ads and Bot Course

This course is specifically for Color Street consultants who want to grow their business using proven marketing strategies and leveraging tools like video, Facebook ads and messenger bots.

I’m currently pre-selling this course at a reduced rate!! When you join today you’ll get lifetime access to all upgrades and future bonuses! This course will officially launch in July. I’m giving early bird joiners a chance to jump in at a reduced rate before I officially launch!

As a bonus you’ll also get these marketing videos for free! (Two more collections are in the works too!!) They are made with Color Street images and fonts!

A little background info….

This all started when I created a course for LuLaRoe consultants in May 2017. Since then I’ve helped over 100 students and clients grow their business using these tools.

Then one of my students introduced me to Color Street! I loved the products and signed up with my first ever direct sales product.

So I combined my digital marketing magic with this amazing brand hence the inspiration for this course!

Here are the first set of modules to launch when the course is officially ready in July:

-How to write compelling ad copy with a done for you template you can reference every time you build an ad.
-What to do before you make your first ad and how to set up a sales funnel
-Facebook Ad Objectives Tutorial
– Facebook Ad Terminology Tutorial
-Ad for a Local Nail Bar event
-Ad for an online Nail Bar event
-Ad for getting people to join your nail group
-List of Facebook ad targets to use in your ads
– How to easily research your audience and find new audiences/niche markets
-How to set up a messenger bot
– How to tag your audience in your bot (and why you should!)
– How to send mass message in messenger when people comment on your Facebook posts
-How to send mass messages based on your audiences tags and preferences
– How to send images and videos in your bot


Color Street Marketing Videos (see my preview for LuLaRoe consultants for reference on my page! They are super cute and professional and sure to get engagement!)

Affiliate Opportunity: Know other Color Street Consultants? When you share your student affiliate link you’ll make a cash commission for sharing!

Facebook group where we chat about everything in the course and where I’ll host live trainings for my students!

AND you’ll get locked into this course and future modules for life.

The thing is, with Facebook Ads your message SHOWS UP right front of your IDEAL CUSTOMER where they HANG OUT.

Here are some reasons you should be using Facebook Ads:

-You’ll show directly in front of your audience

-People’s lives are on their phones and you can be part of that

-For this reason you can find your audience and speak to them

-You can grow a targeted community easily

-If you’re not using ads, your competitors will be

-You can skip the guessing game of posting online and jump straight to your audience’s newsfeeds

-It’s an important part of your digital ecosystem

-When you post on social media it’s a guessing game as to who sees your posts. Of course by staying consistent and using the right strategy you can definitely grow your business over time.

-But what I LOVE LOVE about Facebook is that you can accelerate this process because when you choose a target audience your ad shows up in their newsfeed…


Combine this with the right message and you can increase your visibility exponentially, which will also increase your revenue.

In this course I walk you through the basics of Facebook ads and specific objectives for your business using video modules sharing my screen and ad manager account or educational style videos.

I will let you in on a secret though….

There is a secret sauce to BOMB ads.

Attention Grabbing Visual + Call To Action + Your Ideal Audience + The Right Message

Think about it…

Are you ever more than a few feet away from your phone?

Neither is your target audience.

When you get their attention, present them with the right message and make it super easy to take the next step (like hosting a pop-up or joining your group) you will grow your business quickly.

It’s that simple!

I make it SO EASY for you to learn how to use this ah-mah-zing tool.

You can check out the modules below to see exactly what you will learn.

But what is so cool about this course is I am COMMITTED TO YOUR SUCCESS.

When you join the course not only do you get access to a strategy that will change the way you do business, but also I answer your questions along the way. I even create additional modules based on questions from consultants already in the course.

When you join, you get a lifetime access plus access to additional modules and special offers as they are added! As more modules and value are added the price will also go up.

-How would more shoppers and more money change your life?

-How would it feel to ditch the guessing game of social media and to save time and to show up exactly where your audience hangs out?

-How would making more money and spending more time doing the things you love also change your life?

The course is split up into video modules designed to give you what you need specifically for your type of business.

By going through these modules you will learn how to create ads in Facebook for your LuLaRoe business. Keeping your objectives in mind we not only cover important Facebook Ad components but also how to build ads for each of your main objectives.

You’ll also learn how to use Manychat, a free tool called a Facebook bot that allows you to create posts where your audience can comment on your posts and receive instant messages into the Facebook messenger. Even though Facebook bots are fairly new, they have extremely high conversion rates even compared to email. People want to check their messenger and often do when a notification pops up on their device they are more likely to read it. You can also send messages notifying your audience about live sales before they start, special deals, announcements or whatever you need your amazing shoppers to know.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I expect from this course?

From this course you can expect to learn how create and leverage Facebook Ads and Manychat (a Facebook Bot) to reach more potential shoppers

I’m super busy right now what if I don’t have the time to get through it all right now?

No worries! Each of the modules will be there when you’re ready

Which is why the course is yours to keep forever and you are able to access it whenever you are ready for it.

Can you guarantee specific results?

I have had many students who said that this course was the turning point for them in creating Facebook Ads and helping them achieve their goals.

I wholeheartedly believe that everything I teach you in this course has the power to change your life and your business.

However, I can’t guarantee that YOU will do all the work involved in getting the results. I’d love to guarantee results, but the results are solely based on your efforts. If you work the course, the course will work for you.

What if I don’t like the course? Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this course with automatic access to the digital I don’t normally offer refunds.

What if I have more questions before enrolling?

No worries! Shoot me an email to with any questions you have and I’d love to answer them.

Reminder: this is a pre-sale price so I can get to know some of you before launching the course! You’ll get access when the course officially launches in July for a seriously reduced price only $27!

I hope to see you on the inside!!




Color Street Facebook Ads and Bot Course