Magic Marketing For Female Entrepreneurs Payment Plan

Welcome To Magic Marketing For Female Entrepreneurs!

Module One: Facebook Ads
-How to create an ad from start to finish
-How to choose the right ad for your objective
-Messenger Ads
-Local Event/Audience Ads
-How to research audiences and target markets
-Retargeting Strategies
-How To Edit Ads After They Are Live
-How To Easily Split Test Ads

Module Two: Messenger Bots
-Tour of Manychat
-How to set up Keywords and Tags
-Creating A Dynamic Welcome Message & Menu
-How To Edit Your Subscribers
-How To Use Growth Tools

Module Three:  Putting It All Together
-Sharing Lead Magnets & Freebies Using Bots & Ads
-Techniques To Grow Your Subscriber List
-How To Combine Ads & Bots

Module Four: Feel Good Vibes
I will host special speakers on how to get into good vibes and all the manifesting magic!!

Student Bonuses:
-50% Affiliate Commission
-Private Facebook Group
-Locked In To Future Upgrades
-Access to my personal case studies and experiments

Payment Plan: $50/Month 3 Months



Magic Marketing For Female Entrepreneurs Payment Plan

$50.00 per month for 3 months