Stylist Atrraction Guide

For Monat Market Partners 
Easier Than Ever To Share The Monat Opportunity
With Salon Owners & Stylists

It’s like magic! ✨ 

While you can totally use this fab guide as is, you’ll get access to copy this as a template in Canva so you can customize with your info! Add your phone number, email, website, etc. You can even change the wording if you want to infuse a different personality or your favorite perks of selling Monat. 

Share This Guide With Stylists & Salon Owners

➜ Share the guide as is or customize

➜ Highlights the important perks being an MP as business owner 

➜ Instant download & access to use or edit after purchase

➜ No branding so you can add your own info, pictures and more 

➜ Available only through December 2019

Option #1

Buy just the guide! Comes with the downloadable PDF, Canva Template, Messenger Bot Flow & Mini Facebook Ads Class

Option #2

Get the guide when you buy the Monat Messenger Bot Template & Save! Comes with everything listed in the guide plus so much more.

Up-Level Your Marketing Game


If you haven’t heard about messenger bots already, you will! While they have only been around a few years, they are going to be pivotal in your business for creating creative conversations that convert to sales. 

Not only will you save time by sending people to your bot, you are automating 75% of the conversation.  They will click buttons and watch videos and have fun learning about Monat. When they are ready they will click a button that says “help me decide” which pops their message into your live chat making it easy for your to find and follow up. Plus you can browse their clicking history and see what products they might be interested in. Now you can curate the perfect package based on their needs.

Wish you could have more sales convos in a day? Or just more time in a day to share about your biz? You’ll be able to leverage your time sharing info about Monat to a limitless amount of potential customers using the Monat bot.

Plus, you can use the bot template as is OR customize it with your own personality, services, images and more! 

I give all the tools to create sales conversations in messenger. 

Check out the video below to see it in action or try it out yourself: 


Monat Messenger Bot

Only Available Until December 31st* 
15% Off For A Few Days! Normally $197
$ $167
  • ➜ Entire Monat Messenger Bot Template: Saves hours of set time and only takes 15 minutes to set up (Value $997)
  • ➜ Comes With Training Videos: Learn how to use your bot, how to get subscribers into your bot and how to creatively engage your audience (Value $197)
  • ➜ Over 80 Videos: Videos for every product that are available, a section of videos that show how to style hair with Monat Products
  • ➜ Facebook Group: Facebook group with bonus content and live trainings through January 31st (Value $597)
  • ➜ Bonus Marketing Videos: Bonus marketing videos to get people into your bot and interested in new products (Value $197)
  • ➜ Bonus Stylist Attraction Guide: Use this guide to share the Monat opportunity with salon stylists. Comes with an extra bot flow for nurturing your audience, teaching them about monat and more! (Value $97)

Stylist Guide

Only Available Until December 31st* 
70% Off For A Few Days! Normally $97
$ $27
  • ➜ Comes with the Stylist Atrraction Monat branded PDF
  • ➜ Comes with a Canva template version so you can customize it with your info
  • ➜ Messenger bot flow for them to learn about monat so you can follow up in messenger
  • ➜ Bonus mini Facebook ads tutorial to share with Stylists & Salon Owners
  • ➜ Instant access to start using it right away
  • ➜ Videos To Set Up & Customize the Messenger bot flow in your Manychat account
  • ➜ Bonus Manychat Basics Videos